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Harjeet Singh

Jagbinder SIngh
Freelance writer and journalist published in several newspapers and magazines.I write about Diet and Yoga.

Ravinder Singh
Freelance writer. Always sleep-deprived. Passionate about chess, classical music, and economics. I write about Health, Fitness and the Wealth.

Balwinder Singh

Daljeet Singh

PN LIVE NEWS PRIVATE LIMITED has on its own records a long set of information about Reviewers which we do not feel is beneficial to disclose to readers, such as: passport (verified through a physical meeting or a video conference call), VAT/National Health ID Number, current phone number, updated CV, proof of current or previous journalistic experiences or journalistic education.

To become a Reviewer, an academic or professional background in journalism is required, and the individual must be verified by a reviewer PN LIVE NEWS PRIVATE LIMITED representative in a video call. Typically, Reviewers have strong backgrounds in journalism, have great writing skills, are experts in their areas of interest, and have shown a deep affinity for PN LIVE NEWS PRIVATE LIMITED values, and the community as a whole. Becoming a Reviewer is a great privilege and a great responsibility.